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Five Possible Candidates to Replace Maurizio Sarri

As the time for transfers and changes has arrived, Chelsea seems to be undergoing some major reconstruction as well. What will be of greater concern to Chelsea fans is that it could also be the last time that Eden Hazard plays for the club. Zinedine Zidane has made the Belgian his number one transfer target this summer and with just a year left on his contract, it seems as though Hazard’s annual link to Real Madrid could finally come to fruition.

Callum Hudson-Odoi Injury Update

Callum Hudson-Odoi has already missed one game due to the injury he got on April, 22. On Monday night during the game against Burnley, Hudson-Odoi was forced out of the field early due to an injured Achilles he damaged during the clash on the field. While it did not seem that serious at first, the next day it became clear that the footballer needs surgery.

If you are not into sports and football much and prefer to browse real money casinos and this post, you may not be aware that such a serious case can cost a footballer his career. Chelsea has updated the fans about the condition of the player and it seems the news is not good. According to the prognosis, Callum will be out of playing for about four months or so.

The player has immediately consulted the specialists and his ruptured Achilles tendon was given the surgical treatment the next evening after the injury. Callum is only 18 years old and has already made an exciting career, so his being out is very distressing for him and for the club as well. However, his age and care of the specialist are likely to help him get better soon.

Because of the ruptured tendon, Hudson-Odoi risks missing the beginning of the next football season together with England’s UEFA Nations League Campaign. According to the worst prognosis, he will miss the next six-seven months.

On Wednesday, Callum has made a video report for Instagram from his hospital bed. He stated the operation was successful and he feels totally fine. Callum also said thank you for messages from his fans who were very distressed with the injury news and wanted to support the player. From the day of injury, Callum is ready to move to recovery. He himself understands that it is better to get back as quickly as possible. However, he cannot move too fast, because improper treatment or hasty recovery can cost him functionality of the limb, which means his whole career will be at risk. So if he faces a choice to lose six-seven months on proper recovery, or to get back as quickly as possible, proper recovery is a priority, despite the fact this is a huge disappointment to lose so much time.

Because of the injury, Hudson-Odoi also risks missing the opportunity to play abroad during the summer transfer window. There are rumours that clubs that wanted him for the following season demonstrate much less interest after the injury. So the stakes are very high. Yet, Callum Hudson-Odoi has to keep going and achieve full recovery, whatever are the losses and disappointments. He has already shown his talent on the field and he will be able to continue the career after he is totally healthy.

The Sun Will Still Come Up After Hazard Leaves Stamford Bridge

As the summer transfer market draws ever nearer, the speculation around Eden Hazard intensifies. At this stage of the season, the frenzy around the Belgian is working in Chelsea’s favour as it takes the spotlight off the fractured relationship between Maurizio Sarri and the fans. The Blues have slowly worked their way back into the top four and have managed to make vital progress in the Europa League.

Join the Blues in Their Quest for Supremacy

The Premier League has reached its tab end. Manchester City and Liverpool are neck-and-neck over the run-in to lift the silverware this time around. They have been superb throughout the tournament. Other heavyweights have had their chances as well. For instance, the Blues from Stamford Bridge played exceptionally well. Currently placed fifth in the league table, the Blues don’t have much to show for the efforts they’ve put in. Makes one realize just how brutal mathematics can be at times.

Sarri Back from the Brink

Head coach Sarri was looking fit for dismissal after some pretty hefty thrashing damaged Chelsea’s performance and looked set to hinder their progress. When they met Manchester City, the suffered something of a humiliating 6-0 defeat, and despite looking good for a FA Cup win were trashed by close rivals Manchester United. The team at investigates the story and looks at the progress that has now been made.