After their narrow defeat to Liverpool at the recent UEFA Super Cup, Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham vowed to step up.

The 21-year-old striker said that he will be the first volunteer for the club’s next penalty. Abraham’s has the support of his teammates.

Abraham’s miss during the penalty shootout cost Chelsea the UEFA Super Cup trophy. Liverpool’s goalkeeper, Adrian managed to save Abraham’s kick and won 5-4. Liverpool took home the trophy from the Vodaphone Park in Istanbul, Turkey.

Despite the loss and missed opportunity, Abraham, instead of sulking and hiding, accepted the consequence and said that his confidence remained intact.

Speaking before the media after the Super Cup, Abraham said, “Will I take the next one? Yeah you know, I’ll keep going,” he said. “I’ve scored a few. Unfortunately I missed one of the most important ones for Chelsea. But keep going. They say the top players always miss penalties and it’s about how you react. I’ve just got to keep pushing myself.”

“I’m always someone who believes in myself with penalties. I had a few last season and few important ones. Unfortunately today probably one of my most important ones I missed. It’s about how I react and just get my head up, he further said.

“The boys have made it feel like nothing has even happened. Even until now, everyone’s had their arms around me.”

“They have said the best players miss, it’s something to learn from. It’s better it happened now than later on, you grow into a man and learn from it. The whole team fills me with confidence. Every training session, before every game, they always lift me. They have boys getting into me and trying to drive me for the game and get me up for it.”

Abraham added that they need now to focus more on their next match.  He also maintained distance from the issue surrounding the images that shows Adrian’s creeping forward before he made contact with ball.

He also said that Frank Lampard’s faith in the younger players boosted their confidence as they begin their career with the Blues.