Frank Lampard, who played for the Chelsea club for 13 seasons, has today been confirmed to become the manager of the team. Lampard declared that he’s very happy to be returning as the coach of Chelsea, as he loves not only the club but also the time he has spent with it.

But despite being more than happy to make his return, the icon will have to deal with a lot of responsibilities. This summer, the coach will have to deal with, among many other things, the transfer of their best player, Eden Hazard.

Frank Lampard’s “To-Do List”

  • Improve Their Playing Style

It was not difficult to notice that Chelsea did not include Maurizio Sarri in the league’s matches. However, people have a hard time understanding why things went the way they did.

Apparently, one of the reasons why Sarri had to sit on the sides was because of his methods. Lampard is someone who likes open football though and wants to provide entertainment though. So, he will wait to work on the playing style of the team and help them make it to world football rankings.

  • Find a Good Striker

They need to find a good striker if they want to thrive, and this might be a hard task for Lampard. Whereas Olivier Giroud has won the World Cup the previous year, it’s uncertain whether he will be the coach’s first choice.

  • Deal with Hazard’s Replacement

Chelsea FC has lost one key player, while Real Madrid has won someone with lots of talent and chances to make Madrid one of the top names in FIFA rankings. Although he might not have been the best player in Chelsea, he was still the best one in Premier League. So, Lampard will have to find a good replacement.

  • Help the Young Players

Chelsea has many promising graduates who could help the team a lot, by making it very successful, as well as a top choice on betting websites. Lampard is known for the way he was able to bond with the youth while he was at Derby, so there’s some faith for the emerging football players.

  • Become a Successful Manager

It’s not unknown that previous managers, namely Zinedine Zidane, Kenny Dalglish, and Pep Guardiola, have become legends before being managers. Basically, they were amazing players before getting the manager title. Lampard’s case is rather special, as there are not many players who get the chance to return. What’s left for him is to deliver success to the famous team.

Emmanuel Petit Is Unsure about Lampard

As Lampard is ready to join the club again as their manager, Emmanuel Petit didn’t hesitate to voice his concern over this matter. According to him, Frank Lampard is not ready to take the position. He doesn’t deny his qualities in the managerial fields but thinks it is too soon for him to do so.

Whichever the case is, Lampard has to work hard and prove he is worthy of the title this time around too. Make sure you keep an eye on Chelsea after he takes over, and see whether the team will make it to the FIFA world rankings on Also, do not hesitate to bet on the team and check the odds before every match.