More history is being made in England. The Super Cup will be contested between Chelsea and Liverpool. For the longest time, the Spanish clubs have been competing for the Super Cup which is about 15 times. In the second place, the Italians have contested for it nine times while England has only had seven chances. The 44th edition of the competition will be held in Istanbul.

Chelsea won the Europa League after defeating the Gunners 4-0. On the other hand, Liverpool won the Champions League which earned them a place in the Super Cup. If you are into sports betting with Betway, we are sure you are excited. You might just want to place your bets on Chelsea the next time you are betting on Betway, but how should you go about it? Here is a look at how you can go the right way with Betway English Premier League bets easily.

UEFA Super Cup Prediction

Both the Blues and the Reds boast of reliable and skilful players. Liverpool will walk in the tournament as the favourites. The odds have been placed at 2-0. However, the other international football competitions which are currently taking place could have a toll on the Reds. Mohammed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane have had a significant influence in the recent success of the club. The front trio all took part in the World Cup and then again duty calls back at home whereby they are competing at the AFCON and the Copa America. Firmino’s Brazil is already in the semi-finals after defeating Argentina 2-0. Copa America will end earlier, but as for the AFCON, it will run until July 19, 2019.

Egypt and Senegal have already made it to the last 16, and it looks like they might go all the way. Once the AFCON is done, the players will go on a three-week break before the Premier League begins. As the Reds look into winning the Super Cup for the first time since 1990 they could be without Salah and Mane. This is what is going to give Chelsea the upper advantage.

The Blues won the Super Cup in 1998 after beating Real Madrid 1-0 at Monaco. They will begin the Premier League season with one of England’s top scorer Frank Lampard whose replacing Maurizio Sarti as manager. Chelsea will not have one of their key players Eden Hazard who left for Real Madrid. Also, they will not have enough rest time because Chelsea will be playing Manchester United on Sunday that week.

When will the UEFA Super Cup take place?

The clash between the Reds and the Blues will take place on July 14, 2019.

Where will the match take place?

The UEFA Super Cup has been scheduled to take place at Vodafone Park in Istanbul, Turkey. The stadium can accommodate 38,000 people. Both clubs have already been issued with 5000 tickets each to give out to fans. This will be the first time that the UEFA Super Cup will be held in Turkey.